MEDeverywhere started with one simple mandate: to help patients access the best medical treatments for their diseases or medical conditions. At present, there is limited channels for patients to obtain medical and clinic information. There are also great hurdles for patients to reach foreign renowned medical institutes.


We believe that patients from different countries should be informed with all medical options so they can select the best option that suits their needs. Thus, we created this online platform to connect patients to the top medical clinics internationally. We are here to ensure that patients can receive the best treatment advice from the top medical professionals and be connected to top medical clinics.


Kwan Ho Tang, Ph.D.
CEO & Co-founder Chewei Chang
COO & Co-founder Mun-hong Goon
CTO & Co-founder

Dr. Tang is a molecular biologist with experiences in molecular cancer research, pre-clinical and translational studies. Tang was the founder of ULink Bioscience, which brought exclusive state-of-art biomedical reagents and technologies to the research community in Hong Kong. At ULink Biosciences, Tang built a strong marketing and business development team and attracted over 40 research labs as clients within two years. Tang’s experiences in biomedical research and entrepreneur experience will ensure success in business development, user-growth and clinic acquisition process.

Mr. Chang is a Ph.D. candidate at University of Toronto and his research focuses on breast cancer drug resistance and novel drug development. Prior to his Ph.D. studies, Chang worked at leading cancer hospital B.C. Cancer Agency and biotech company Genentech. Furthermore, Chang held multiple leadership and executive positions at community organizations and on-campus student clubs. Chang will lead operational strategy, marketing, fund-raising and product development at MEDeverywhere.

Mr. Goon is an experienced computer engineer and programmer at leading mobile technology company, BlackBerry, and is experienced in both front-end (web and mobile) and back-end (database, data-mining and machine learning) developments. At Tap-card-pay, a Vancouver-based start-up, Goon developed the patent-pending mobile payment technology. Goon will bring programming and data-mining expertise and lead the development of the core intellectual property and functional prototype at MEDeverywhere.


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